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As an in-person HOC member, here is where you can find ALL your private booking links for ring time, office hours, and private promo slots.

member ring time (free)

Click the link below to book your FREE ring time or Member Private Training Packages (discounted). 

private promo slots

Click the link below to book your FREE 15 min promo slot with Coach K.

office hours

One of the big perks of being an in-person HOC member is the monthly office hours you can book with our coaches.

Please click on the coach you'd like to book your office hour with below.

Office Hours Rules/Notes:

1. Please submit what you'd like to discuss prior to the call. Respect our time!

2. Please select the coach you'd like to meet with. If you require all 3, please note there are only 8 available spots per month. First come, first serve.

3. Office Hours have been shortened to 30 minutes due to the majority of them only needing that amount of time. If more is needed we can discuss.

4. Click the picture below with whom you want to book with.

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