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Here you will find all the details behind our professional wrestling school training program. Developed by head trainer and industry veteran, Kekoa, it is sure to take you to the next level no matter your level of experience. One thing is for sure, beginner or pro, get ready to WORK. As Kekoa says, "Jobs Not Finished".

Beginner & Advanced Professional Wrestlers: 

Meet Kekoa

Kekoa is a 17-year industry veteran that has worked for all the major promotions including WWE, AEW, Evolve, and Ring of Honor. He has worked tours in the European market and has been listed in the PWI Top 500 Wrestler List. A Pennsylvania native, he moved to Florida in 2020 with his wife Sammi. 


Kekoa has immense respect among his peers as an incredible teacher, coach, professional wrestler, and friend. He expects excellence and commitment from his students and is determined to help others achieve greatness. Check out the testimonials below from a few people you may recognize who have worked with Kekoa.


Professional wrestling training classes are offered three times a week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Monday and Tuesdays class are from 9am-11am (All Levels), 5-7pm (Intermediate/Advanced) and 7-9pm (Beginner). Thursdays are 5-9pm (All Levels) and are half in-ring and half out.The curriculum is tailored for each skill level and is constantly evolving to adapt to an ever-changing industry. New drills will keep the journey exciting! Remember your first class is always FREE!



In addition to in-ring classes, The HOC has occasional promo shoot days, monthly social media & marketing trainings, improv sessions, guest speakers, 

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